The Buddy League

Texas has yet learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.

Sam Houston

Founded in 2002, The Buddy League provides special needs children with the opportunity to play the game of baseball. The league, based in Garland, Texas began with an eleven year old boy named Ben Miller.  Ben has suffered severe seizures ever since the first, which occurred at the age of the three months. Baseball has always been a part of Ben’s life and when he and his family were told that he could no longer participate in a league, they chose to start their own. The league has grown and now has over 100 special needs players paired with buddies hitting Texas Leaguers and hustling on the base paths.

The grass roots league makes an effort to curb costs for participation and welcomes anyone interested. Volunteer opportunities are also available for kids that are 8 or older.

In 2010, Maher Films began production on a documentary focused on The Buddy League. The film is set to premier March 16th at the University of North Texas Apogee Stadium in Denton, Texas.

Below is the film trailer which includes a song from Texas based Centro-Matic.

The Buddy League Trailer from Michael Maher on Vimeo.