Varsity Collectibles Feature: Collecting Heritage

An excerpt from my Varsity Collectibles story, Collecting Heritage:2013 Heritage Bob Gibson Auto

Today is the official Heritage release date set by Topps. However, last week the retail version of Heritage began to pop up and a frenzy swelled amongst collectors trying to find it’s early arrival at their local retail locations. This usually means a number of trips to Walmart and Target, which under normal circumstances would drive the average American absolutely insane. However, if you’re reading this you know as well as anyone that this hobby can lead you on a fool’s errand.

Like many others, after the word spread that Heritage was popping up I found myself checking my local retail spots when it was convenient. And each time I left empty handed. When Monday came around I had plans to go visit my grandfather in College Station, TX. Of course as a collector that is borderline obsessed with the hobby, I knew in my heart of hearts that I would was going to try and push my luck in College Station. I had no idea just how much luck was coming my way.

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